Boat Brush

Boat Brush

Our soft, durable, nylon bi-level boat wash brush tackles the toughest cleaning jobs. The head is angled at 90˚ to get into your vessel’s hard-to-reach areas and clean every part of your boat. Unlike mitts, brushes have long fibers that pull the debris away from the surface you’re cleaning, so you don’t have to worry about scratches on your boat’s finish caused by debris picked up earlier. Dirt does not adhere to the nylon bristles, making our brush easy to clean.

Brush That Offers Results

  • Bi-level design offers multiple angles for more thorough cleaning
  • Synthetic Nylex bristle resists chemicals
  • Safe for all finishes
  • Standard thread accommodates most poles
  • Fits the Boat Lover’s Towel extension pole
  • Made in the U.S.A.

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How to Use

  • Remove loose dirt by thoroughly rinsing your boat with water from a hose.
  • Fill a bucket with water and soap.
  • Use the brush to apply soap, starting from the highest point and working your way down.
  • Clean small areas at a time, rinsing each area immediately to prevent the soap from drying and leaving a film.
  • Don't scrub too hard; let the soap do the work.
  • Rinse the brush in your bucket as often as necessary.
  • Prevent water beading and spotting by letting the water run down from the hose (with the nozzle removed) during the final rinse.
  • Use soap specially made for cleaning boats; household cleaners can damage boat surfaces.


  • Keep your brush in top condition by rinsing thoroughly after use.


  • 10 in. head