When you’re looking for the best boat cleaning products and supplies, look no further than Boat Lover’s Towel. We are committed to bringing you the highest quality products at the best value. Developed with boat owners in mind, our marine cleaning supplies are designed to help reduce the time you spend on cleaning and boat detailing, so you can spend more time on the water — and fall in love with your boat all over again!

Boating Must-Haves

Your boat is among your most prized possessions, and our cleaning products help you protect your investment. Our cleaning solutions keep your boat’s exterior shining and its interior clean and dry — even when you’re out on the water.

For a good boat wash with soap and water, use our wash mitt or brushes to clean all surfaces, even those that are hard to reach. After cleaning, soak up the excess water with our Absorber towel. It sucks up large amounts of water quickly and easily. Every one of our products is safe for all types of finishes.


When you're looking for the best boat cleaning products, look no further than our Boat Lover's™, The Absorber®. With over 3 sq. ft. of super drying power, it is vastly superior to a terrycloth towel and a leather chamois The Absorber's uniform, sp...

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Wash Mitt

Wash mitts can wrap around curved objects and get into tight spaces that a brush cannot reach, which makes them perfect for cleaning bow rails, T-tops, under gunnel areas and hatches. At Boat Lover’s Towel, our wash mitt is made from a unique blen...

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Boat Brush

Our soft, durable, nylon bi-level boat wash brush tackles the toughest cleaning jobs. The head is angled at 90˚ to get into your vessel’s hard-to-reach areas and clean every part of your boat. Unlike mitts, brushes have long fibers that pull the d...

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Round Boat Brush

This product makes an ideal bowrider brush, deck boat brush or yacht brush. The Boat Lover’s Towel round brush is great for cleaning your vessel’s instrument panel as well as the small and hard-to-reach areas that are inaccessible to larger brushe...

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Extension Pole

Extend your cleaning reach with the 4 ft. – 8 ft. extension pole from Boat Lover’s Towel. This sturdy fiberglass and metal extension pole features a locking mechanism that firmly holds the pole in preset extended positions. Use in conjunction with...

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